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Quality is an essential element to grow and become more competitive.
The high quality level reached by ADRIATIC SEA INTERNATIONAL is the main reason of its success in the markets all over the world. Beneath this ADRIATIC SEA INTERNATIONAL has added a continuous research on the quality and on the performance of the technologies, since only installing the best technical equipments on the market it is possible to get the best products.

Through the certification “Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008”, ADRIATIC SEA INTERNATIONAL has organized its business putting its customer’s satisfaction as priority and continuous engagement. Our company guarantees to its customers services that reach the maximum level of quality with a continuous engagement to the improvement and above all the assistance and the support to the customer in the post-sale. Moreover ADRIATIC SEA INTERNATIONAL effects a constant monitoring  and an accurate evaluation of the environmental impacts due to its activities, to its products and services, guaranteeing its engagement for the continuous improvement aimed to the reduction and the prevention of the industrial risks for the environment, such as emissions in the atmosphere.

Besides having achieved the recognition of the Quality Management System, ADRIATIC SEA INTERNATIONAL wanted to certify its products with the CE Mark according to the EC Directives, this means assure the customers to have introduced on the market reliable, sure and authentic products. The CE mark is the declaration of the manufacturer the product respects the applicable EC Directives. For the products sold in UE, the CE Mark and the Declaration of Conformity are compulsory elements for the introduction on the market.
Composed by a staff of professional men with a more than thirty-year experience, it is the guarantee of the forefront of the technical equipments and of the high quality of our products to be N°1  in Europe and leader in the world in the design, manufacture and installation of closed circuit storage systems for crustaceans, live fish and molluscs depuration systems.

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